Thursday, October 30, 2014

This week in obsessions

The only reason there's a post this week is because I have insomnia. I was at the IEEE Big Data Analytics conference this week and am wiped out, but apparently not exhausted enough to sleep through the night.

Are vampires over? This question has been weighing on my mind because I'm working on a vampire novel at the moment. (The first chunk is with the literary agent right now. As we speak.) Anyway, Anne "truly queen of the damned" Rice just put out a new vampire Lestat novel and if vampires are not dead to you, you can read an excerpt here (via TIME). And if you need more reading suggestions, The Guardian runs debut author Lauren Owen's list of the ten best vampire novels.

Twitter + fiction: RL Stine (of Goosebumps fame) wrote a short story on Twitter and you can read the entire thing here thanks to GalleyCat. I write about it because (a) he is an awesome guy. Maybe funnier than anyone you know. And I can brag that I was at his house once. It, too, was awesome. And (b) it is harder to write a Twitter story than you might think. It could actually be a good writing exercise. I know of what I speak: I was part of the Twitter Fiction Festival earlier this year and you can read my story here.  Another interesting example is Joe Hill's Twittering from the Circus of the Dead (which, naturally, sold film rights. Only Joe Hill could sell movie rights to a story told in tweets.) 

I would so be there: the Metropolitan Museum of Art just opened an exhibit of mourning dress. What are you waiting for?

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