Monday, January 13, 2014

Still more news and interviews: The Descent round-up continues

But first, this interruption: reader Meg Gregory passed along this article about an apartment in Paris that had been abandoned by its owner when the Nazis invaded and was now a virtual time capsule of 1942. Meg said it made her think of Lanny's townhouse in Paris, a jumble of mementoes of the past. If you haven't seen the photos of the inside of the apartment it's definitely worth a look. The painting is of the owner herself, who had been an actress.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming . . .

  • Falcata Times gets me to talk about my dangerous childhood in Alaska and why the cold figures so prominently in The Taker books. Also there's a super nice review of The Descent: "all around a great book".
  • At One More Page, a wonderful UK book blog, an interview. Here's an excerpt: "What was the biggest surprise for you in character development over the course of the trilogy? What happens to Adair—going from being quite evil (if charismatic) where everyone hates you, all the way to having readers root for you—was a pretty tricky thing to pull off. I wasn’t sure readers would go along with it but so far (knock on wood) from the reviews and feedback I’ve seen, readers are finding his journey to be quite rewarding."
  • An interview at science fiction/fantasy site SF Signal.
  • My top ten underworld myths and a chance to win a copy of The Descent at All Things Urban Fantasy.
  • Over at Mass Movement Magazine, I show the inspirations for The Taker in books and movies.
  • A review by one of my earliest reviewers, Christa S. at More Than Just Magic.
  • The wonderful Lelia at Pop Culture Nexis gives a shout out for The Descent: "A shocking and satisfying conclusion."

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