Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Even more Descent news & reviews; but first an apology

Before you think I'm a complete egotist, let me say that I'm using these blog posts mostly as a way to keep track of the press and stuff surrounding the book release. This blog doesn't have all that many faithful followers so I figured the odds were low that I'm making anyone bilious with these link wrap-ups. If I am, though, please accept my apologies.

Also, I'm posting the links as a way to say thank you to the book bloggers who took the time to read and review the book. A fair amount of begging goes on in advance--by me, by the publishers--to get these dedicated volunteers to pick up the book, and so I want to acknowledge them and thank them for choosing The Descent out of the hundreds of books being released this week. 

Lastly, I might as well admit here that writing this book was far from a piece of cake. My editor's requested revisions were quite extensive and it ended up like writing the book two times. That's why the book release was pushed back six months. There were some other catastrophes that happened to me in the past year, too, so I hope you'll understand my relief to see the book safely out and for reader reaction so far. 

On to the reviews:

“This is ultimately what makes Lanore such a compelling heroine, and what makes this series so indelible: While her journey is set in an extraordinary world, her need to love and be loved is fundamental. Her passions are our passions, her weaknesses are our weaknesses, and her quest for a perfect love is every woman’s quest for a satisfied heart.” –Jamie Brenner, Heroes and Heartbreakers

“This isn’t a vampire trilogy; it’s something entirely new. It’s smart, sophisticated, and utterly shocking; if you have delicate sensibilities, you may prefer not to pick up these books. But if you’re an adventurous reader and enjoy beautiful writing and characters you can’t even imagine, Katsu’s trilogy is an absolute must read.” –S. Krishna’s Books

“Beautifully written with fleshed out characters and an engaging conclusion… Katsu has created the most unusual and dark characters yet she managed to make me fall in love with them all… The Descent was decadent, and all of the questions and puzzle pieces fell into place… The Descent was a brilliant, well crafted ending to this dark trilogy.” –Caffeinated Book Reviewer

“While the ending wasn’t one I would have wanted in the first book, by the time it happened, I LOVED it. I thought it was absolutely perfect and helped me put the series away in my mind, it was the definition of closure… I cannot recommend this series more highly for those who love strange, gritty, dark books that will shock you but keep you riveted to the pages. The Descent was the perfect end to a great series.” –Book Addiction
Okay, if you're not sick of me yet:


  1. I love your triology Alma Katsu!!
    Just loved it. The book was complex and had good/realistic twist.
    I love your writing style and your story telling ability.
    I really look forward to more of your books.
    Any idea in mind when your next idea for a good book?

    1. Vi, Thank you for writing to let me know you enjoyed the books. Please tell your friends! I'm working on another book right now but it's a little different from the Taker books, at least in its current version. No magic, but that may change as the project evolves. best, Alma