Thursday, October 3, 2013

From The Descent

I thought I'd start posting excerpts from The Descent leading up to its release in early January 2014. This is from the prologue:

"The dreams came almost every night.

"At first, I almost didn't take notice of them. When they started, Luke had been gone only a few months and I was in that black fog that follows the death of a loved one. During the day, grief would fall on me suddenly. I'd look at the clock to see that an hour had passed and yet I couldn't account for the time. Evenings were worse; I'd lie alone in the bed Luke and I had shared waiting for the night to pass. Evening meant long hours of insomnia, listlessness, fitful snatches of sleep, and the pale lavender-gray of dawn coming too soon. The occasional nightmare would do little to impress me compared to that slow hell."


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