Friday, September 13, 2013

Cover Reveal!

The Descent now has covers! The one on the left is the US book, which comes out January 7, 2014. The one below right is the UK cover, and the book comes out on January 2nd.

As readers you know that covers are very, very important. Care to share what you think of these two? What these covers say to you? Do you prefer one over the other?

The US will be release in trade paperback, not hardcover. The UK edition will be coming out in the smaller paperback size. They tell me it has to do with the economy, falling book sales, etc. I get it. I do over half my sales in ebooks; I don't mind about the format change.  I hope you don't, either.

Pre-orders are always very helpful. They send a signal to the publisher. You can order the US version on Amazon here, or the UK edition here, if you care to pre-order. Shortly before the book is released, I'll have a link on my website to a local bookstore in Northern Virginia who will be stocking signed copies of my books. Also, if you'd like a signed bookplate, send me your email address at 

Right now, I'm working through the copyedited pages of The Descent. It's one of the last steps in the production process. Your editor usually gives you two weeks to go through a paper copy of the typeset pages to look for typos or make any minor last changes. At this stage, you see what the finished book will look like. It's semi-exciting.

A little over three months out from release day. I'm looking for interesting ideas to promote the book--send me your suggestions! Expect news to pick up a little bit in the coming months on the blog and Facebook. Feel free to ask any questions. And as always, your support is greatly appreciated: please tell your friends, your librarians, your local bookseller.


  1. I really like the UK version! No hardcover to match my others! Poo!

  2. I prefer the UK cover! Can't wait to read it!

  3. I prefer the UK cover! Can't wait to read it!

  4. I'm with the others; I prefer the UK version as well. I wonder if it's because it feels more artistic (artwork vs. snappy photo -- and even the less modern font). I think the UK cover suggests a darker, more serious read than the US cover - though it is lovely as well. Sad to know that my twins won't have a hardcover triplet, but I, too, understand! Can't wait, Alma!