Sunday, July 14, 2013

Dream Come True

Today, I know I am an author. I was at the gate at the airport, waiting to board, and the woman sitting across from me pulled out THE TAKER and started reading.

Writers have stupid dreams. Mine, for some reason, was for this very thing to happen to me one day. Figure the odds--really. How many books are there, how many people, how many airports. But it did. And I couldn't help myself: I interrupted her and introduced myself. We both whooped with excitement (she did make me provide some proof that it really was me, because it was like 8 AM and I did not look like my publicity photo).

Jaira was so so gracious. It was kind of an inconsiderate thing for me to do. It put her on the spot. I felt like I mugged her. Like I said, she was immensely gracious about it. She is in the military and told me that when she finishes a book, she likes to leave it where someone will find it and pick it up. So we left a note in the back, thanking Jaira for her generosity and encouraging whoever finds it to email me if they enjoyed the book.

God, this made my week. Thank you, Jaira!


  1. Very cool story! I love that Jaira leaves books for others to enjoy- sharing the book love!

  2. I agree. It's a huge help to the author, too: helps other people discover your writing. I received an email from a flight attendant who does the same thing, leaves them on the plane for the next crew. And I was on a flight once where the pilot announced he'd just finished reading the latest Jack Reacher novel and would give it away to one of the passengers. Amazing!

  3. I love that your Dream came true!! :)