Thursday, June 27, 2013

Social media news for writers: partnering smart and more

First, thanks to the nice folks who took my begging to heart and gave Social Media News for Writers a shout out on their Facebook pages or blasted out a tweet. Thanks to you, we got a nice jump in page views. Please please please help us continue to reach new readers.

Now, what's in this week's news? How smart entrepreneurs partner with power Pinterest users; Amazon expands its fan fiction publishing program with comics; Facebook has one million advertisers (maybe one of them is you?)

Partnering on Pinterest: Yes, we're still trying to figure out how to attract attention on Pinterest for books, amid all those pictures of fancy hair styles, cupcakes and party decorations. This article talks about how smart entrepreneurs have partnered with popular Pinners to attract followers. While we're talking visuals, this article has a few quick tips for using Vine, Instagram and Pinterest.

And in case you need more convincing that Pinterest is worth your time, this infographic from VentureBeat reminds us that a pin has a shelf life a thousand times longer than a tweet.

Facebook advertising: Yes, I have a love-hate relationship with advertising on Facebook, but according to this article, Facebook has 1 million active advertisers, most of them small businesses. And if you want to get serious on Facebook, Social Media Examiner tells you how to develop a Facebook marketing strategy.

And speaking of Facebook, here's the latest research on why people 'like' your brand page.
Did you know you can restrict some of your Facebook friends from seeing certain types of your content? Me neither. If this is something you're interested in, though, Mashable has an article about it.

Manage your social media like a pro: Companies hire people to tweet for them, whether it's a person on staff (usually young and not well paid) or a marketing firm. Social media managers have tricks to help them whiz through their days. Want to a learn a few of those tricks? Take a look at this article from Mashable. And if you think you'd rather hire someone to handle your social media for you, you might want to read this article from Social Media Today on what questions to ask before you choose a firm.

Your website is your most important tool: A few weeks ago, we ran a link with resources to help you build your own website, so you didn't have to rely on a website developer (or pay those high fees). Here's an article from Mashable with even more tools and tips.

Another important tool is your email service. Sendgrid has been a business-to-business provider for a few years now as the folks who handles the emails for many of your favorite social platforms. They've just launched an email service for individuals and small businesses like you and me, and you can find out more about it here.

Google Reader's last days: If you're like me, you've waited until the next-to-the-last-minute to find a replacement for Google Reader. We've written about this in earlier posts, but there's a new reader out there you might want to look into. Social news aggregator Digg is being refashioned into an RSS reader (read about it in the NY Times). There will be a free version but also a suite of other options.

Also here's an interesting article from MisEntrophy on the swirl of speculation over why Google Reader is going away--it's our browsing habits, people--and whether or not there still is a core of people who like to linger over their reading material.

Amazon monetizing fan fiction: Remember that announcement from Amazon a few months ago, that they were going to start publishing fan fiction in an arrangement with Alloy Entertainment for Alloy's franchises Gossip Girls and Vampire Diaries, among others? Amazon is expanding the concept, announcing that they've brought Valiant Comics into the same program.

Free: You know how you sometimes need some artwork for an ad or promo piece you're putting together, or maybe some music for the soundtrack of the video you're working on, but you don't want to spend any money on it? This article has links to four free fair-use libraries that might come in handy.

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