Thursday, May 30, 2013

Social media news for writers

This week's link wrap-up is short for two reasons: (1) I'm crashing like mad on revisions to a book that's going out on submission (wish me luck!) and (2) Google IO conference (their annual conference for developers) was last week and it's still dominating the tech news... But I have a few interesting tidbits for you here, including three clever things you can do on Pinterest, two primers chock-full of ideas for marketing yourself AND using social media more effectively, and a great article about live author events and how to make them better experiences for you and your audience.

1. Pinterest to Win: Here's an article with three ways you probably haven't thought of to use Pinterest to engage followers. Clever! One of those ways is it run a "pin it to win it" contest--and here's an article that gives thorough rundown of Pinterest's rules concerning contests (via Social Media Examiner and Social Media Today, respectively).

2. Twitter help: More "power" tips for using Twitter (via Mashable).

3. Advertising on Twitter: I admit, I didn't even think about advertising on Twitter until I read this article (via Social Media Today). I still haven't, but at least now it's an interesting possibility.

4. Live author events: I don't know about you, but I have mixed feelings about doing live events. I enjoy them, but many times you don't know what you're really getting into until you arrive at the venue. Although this story isn't social media-related, here's a really good post by Matthew Dicks on what works and what doesn't at live author appearances (via the Huffington Post).

5. A social media primer: This article on "26 ways to create more engaging content" is really a primer of things you need to know about social media, from keeping metrics in mind, to using social media along with a newsletter to drive interest in your books, there are 26 solid tips here for you to ponder.

6. Marketing yourself (another primer): Stuck for ideas of how to get the word out about you and your awesome books? I bet there's at least one or two things in this article that you haven't thought of.

7. Things to check out in your copious spare time: Not that you, as a writer, need anything else to keep you from that manuscript calling your name. But here's an article from Social Media Examiner with ten resources for writers. The article really is a time sink. For instance, the first link is to Libroville, a website builder "for authors". But this link leads to a clever, Pinterest-like page with a bunch of links to writing-related websites, some of which you definitely know (Query Shark! Writer Beware!) and some you might want to check out. And on and on...through ten links.

8. Blog help: I heard this from writers all the time: "Is it worth writing a blog? I have a blog and no one reads!" This article gives it to you plain and straight: reasons why your blog might be considered to, uh, suck and what you can do about it.


  1. Your blog always gets me thinking, Alma. Now to find time to put some of these ideas in place.

  2. Thanks, GM! I'm the same many ideas, so little time.

  3. This is like finding the treasure chest for social media. Although I have already known a bit of the articles you shared here, nonetheless this is impressive.

    1. Hey, thanks for the compliment. Mind if I quote you?

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