Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Goodreads Semifinalist!

I'm having a Sally Fields moment. Funny how you tell yourself that these silly awards don't mean anything . . . they're just popularity contests . . . until you're nominated for one, and then you realize with a little pang in your heart that you really would like to win.

The Reckoning has been nominated for a Goodreads Readers Choice award in the Paranormal Fantasy category, which has come as a tremendous surprise to me. I mean, look at the other nominees. Laurell K. Hamilton, Charlaine Harris, Deborah Harkness, to name a few. This really is one of those instances where you're flattered just to be nominated. (And interestingly, this is the second "best paranormal fantasy" nomination for the book, which is also a finalist in Reviewer's Choice over at RT Magazine.)

So--even though we're definitely the dark horse--if you would like to defy convention and vote for my little book, I would be ever so grateful. You can do so here. Voting in this round runs through November 18th.

And to make this a bit more interesting, if The Reckoning makes it to the Final Round, I'll put up a new Taker short story on the website as a thank you to readers. Deal?

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