Sunday, October 28, 2012

Resources for Writers: Great Podcasts

Looking for inspiration? Need something awesome on your ipod for the next session at the gym? I love to load up on great writing podcasts to listen to on the treadmill, the commuter bus and on car trips. Here are some of my favorites:

She did a series of podcasts on her writing philosophies, and how she writes about everything from sex scenes to ghosts to historical content. If you listen to all of them, her voice will be tattooed into your brain.

I just found out about these: scifi, fantasy and horror writers and artists Brandon Sanderson, Mary Robinette Kowal, Howard Tayler and Dan Wells talk about the craft of writing, not always from a genre perspective. I cannot wait to dive in.

Rather zany but smart podcast of mostly British bookish types. Usually 3 or 4 speakers at a time discussing topics like piracy, the ebook revolution, and other interesting topics of the day.

Listen to host Cindy Wolfe Boynton as she talks to authors from New England, who write about New England or are passing through New England in this weekly podcast.

Mostly reviews of new releases but the two hosts, Ann Kingman and Michael Kindness, also have interesting theme episodes and explore the literary zeitgeist. The hosts are sales reps for Random House, which gives them an interesting insider’s view into the publishing business.

Jeff Rutherford’s Reading and Writing Podcast:
Jeff’s podcasts also feature one author, ranging from Jeff Deaver and Lee Child to debut authors such as myself.

I met Dana at the Decatur Book Festival last year, standing between Holly LeCraw and Tom Perrotta. A dazzling way to meet someone, let me tell you. I was even more dazzled (and amazed) when she asked me to be a guest on her podcast. Mostly big name authors, like Sue Grafton and Eloisa James, but you’ll also find some great unknowns.

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  1. Thanks for a great list! I will definitely checking out Diana Gabaldon's podcasts, Writing Excuses and Jeff rutherford's.

    I love Books on the Nightstand. Way before I was book blogging or was on Twitter I was listening to this podcast. They have such great recommendations