Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tag, you're it! Seven lines from The Reckoning

I've been tagged. There's a meme going around among authors: if you're tagged, you must post seven lines from page 77 of your latest book or manuscript you're working on, starting after the seventh sentence.

Katiebabs, also known as KT Grant, tagged me at her blog, Babbling About Books. (Katiebabs, if you don't know her yet, writes romance and erotica and is one naughty, naughty lady.) You can read her seven lines here.

So here goes, from The Reckoning. The set up is that Adair is back, escaped from his prison of two hundred years and staying with Jude while he acclimates to the 21st century. He's trying to make the elixir of life again and running into difficulties in the modern age:

"Take it easy," Jude said soothingly. "In this day and age, there's got to be some piece of equipment that runs on electricity that can do this kind of work. I'll look into it. . . Oh--and I've got a lead on someone we can sell it [the elixir of life] to. He's one of those high-tech gazillionaires and he's on death's door. He's always been a really ruthless bastard--scares the shit out of everybody--but now that his cancer has metastaszied, he's not so tough. The only problem is that it's hard to get an appointment to see him."

Thanks, Katie! That was fun--plus you've given me a chance to run the NEW cover for The Reckoning.

Okay, the seven authors I've picked are:

Ann Hite
Rebecca Coleman
Allison Leotta
Suzanne Johnson
Alan Orloff
Nichole Bernier
Kristina McMorris

Check them out!


  1. :) Thanks!

    Hmmm, naughty Adair. Can't wait to see what he's up to.

  2. So, I've been tagged, eh? Okay. From DEADLY CAMPAIGN:

    The trio disappeared down the alley. Ty and I trotted down the street, stopping when we got to the corner. I peeked first. A security light shined on two Dumpsters, about fifteen yards away. Next to the Dumpsters, Tattoo had his hands around Rojo’s throat, while Mohawk barked at him. Mohawk also had something in his hand. I couldn’t be sure from this distance, but it looked like a knife.

  3. Fun! Okay, here's some lines from my upcoming legal thriller DISCRETION, which is about an intrepid young prosecutor who investigates DC's red light underworld after a high-priced call girl is killed at the U.S. Capitol:

    Nicole laughed like it was the funniest thing she’d ever heard. It allowed her to tip back her head, exposing the curve of her neck and pushing her breasts further out of her little black dress. She squirmed as if in uncontrollable delight on Tom’s lap – or was it Tim? Oh well, it hardly mattered. What mattered was that she could feel his erection straining desperately through his pants. He was ready to go. She glanced toward the doors leading to the bedrooms. Both were closed, so she’d have to wait her turn. Not exactly a hardship. She lifted two champagne flutes from the coffee table and handed one to Tom (or Tim), who took it with a wondrous smile.

    1. Wow--total serendipity that we got such a great excerpt :-)

  4. Oooh, love the new cover!!! And your excerpt has made me even more eager to read the book. :)

    Since I have no blog (yes, I'm a rebel author) here are my seven lines from my latest ms, a novella titled THE CHRISTMAS COLLECTOR, due out in November. Just turned in the copy edits an hour ago -- woo-hoo!


    That damn haunting box.

    Jenna still couldn't bring herself to throw the thing away, yet she should have. Life had been easier before its complicating ties. Disposing of others' items had always brought relief—at least until the craving returned. Which it always did. Like an addiction, some would say. Like cigarettes or alcohol, or . . . hoarding.

    "Miss Matthews?" The intern who'd initially greeted Jenna poked her head in from the greenroom. "We're ready for you."


    Thanks for the tag! Here are my seven author picks:

    Therese Walsh
    Sarah Jio
    Margaret Dilloway
    Marilyn Brant
    Julie Kibler
    Sarah Reed Callender
    Tawna Fenske

    1. Very tempting excerpt. Kris. I'll be looking forward to November.

  5. Hi Alma,

    I love this exercise. Great excerpts from you and others. Makes me even more excited to read everyone's books!

    The cover of THE RECKONING is gorgeous. I know you must be thrilled. Congratulations...things are going great for you in Authorland!