Monday, April 9, 2012

PW: The New (Para) Normal

PW, for those of you with a normal life and who don't recognize the acronym, stands for Publishers Weekly, one of the bibles of the book industry. So it's understandable that I'm more than a little excited that The Taker got mentioned in an article in this week's issue, "The New (Para) Normal".

The article is in the print/subscription-only edition so I can't link to it, but please let me share with you the lovely paragraph on our little book:

"While [Sherrilynn] Kenyon is clearly in a league of her own, there are plenty of authors in the field who continue to present fresh takes on familiar themes. Alma Katsu’s impressive debut, The Taker (Gallery, Sept. 2011), for example, is a variation on the old gothic horror theme of the alchemist who discovers an elixir of immortality. The story is rich in historical detail, and Katsu’s prose is romantic in the old-fashioned sense, vividly evoking the time and place that her characters inhabit. Whereas many writers of paranormal horror try to humanize their supernatural characters, making vampires, werewolves, et al. appear no different or differently motivated than human beings, Katsu takes the opposite tack: Count Adair, the alchemist, and the retinue of acolytes he has created are somewhat less than human because of their supernatural endowments. Their long lives have made them decadent, uncompassionate, ruthless toward humans, and totally indifferent to the suffering they cause. It makes perfect sense that they would act this way, and that makes Katsu’s story all the more chilling. Gallery will publish the sequel, The Reckoning, in June."

Zoinks! Thank you, Lenny Picker (author of the article) and PW!

Okay, stay tuned, because in a few days I head to Chicago for RT Booklovers Con, one of the bigger all-book conventions, and a pretty wild time I've been told. I'll try to keep up with posts from the convention floor, including pictures of the costumes and (ahem) male cover models.

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