Friday, April 6, 2012

IMMORTAL the first book featured at IKEA Italy!!

No fooling--IMMORTAL (The Taker's Italian title) was selected for a new feature on books at the IKEA Italy website. The interview was a lot of fun and if you understand Italian, you can read it right here. It was a thrill because I am a huge fan of IKEA. I love modern design but when my husband and I were putting together our first home, there was very little modern design available in the US. You scoured flea markets for mid-century modern pieces or spent a lot of money (which we didn't have) on European furniture. Then IKEA came to the US, with a store practically in our neighborhood (the one in Bel Air, Maryland). We still have lots of IKEA: I drink my morning coffee from an IKEA mug and write everyday at my IKEA desk.

What IKEA pieces do you have in your home?

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  1. I adore IKEA...its where I found the perfect coffee table that is big enough and holds books!