Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Big Fat Italian Book Launch: Prep Work

As you may have heard, in a couple days I’m going to Milan for the launch of my book, The Taker. Or Immortal, as it’s being called in Italy.

Don’t worry, this won’t be the last you hear of it. I figure half of the people who read this blog are friends who want to see what I’m up to and the other half are aspiring writers who might be interested in what it’s like to go to a foreign country to introduce your book! As many people have said, I’m living the dream and believe me, I know this doesn’t happen to everyone. I am grateful every minute of the day for the chance.

The countdown started a few weeks back when the Italian publisher, Longanesi, gave me the okay to publish the cover. Haunting, isn’t it? Then a week or so ago, I received copies of their press kit. It’s the first professional one I’ve ever seen and it blew me away. For anyone who loves paper products, a press kit of your own book is like porn. A pocket folder with your cover on it, silken to the touch! The first chapter in booklet format! Press releases extolling the virtues of your book, all with gorgeous artwork. The entire package is lush and beautifully put together.

The book pubs on February 16th, but so far it’s been mentioned in a few Italian book blogs and I’ve gotten several requests for Q&As from bloggers (yay!!) and I’m looking forward to doing more. The publisher has set up three days of interviews. I think they take their books very seriously in Italy.  

This is what I’ve done so far to get ready:
  • Bought a larger suitcase. The hubs is coming with me, after all.
  • Started coming down with a cold. (Of course!)
  • Stocked up on peanut M&Ms, almond Hershey’s kisses and pretzels for the flight over.
  • Tried every possible combination of the Eileen Fisher clothing I own and actually found one outfit that looks really good on me. The rest will have to do.

What I have yet to do:
  • Everything else. 

In less than 48 hours and coming down with a cold.


  1. Awwww hope you get better soon. You'll definitely need to be feeling well to enjoy Milan...sounds like a dream come true! :)

  2. Hi, Alma. I sure hope you feel better before your big trip. Sounds like you're squared away with snacks for the flight...yum! I imagine your press kit is beautiful, and I love the way you described it as "your own book porn." :) Thanks for the link to the Eileen Fisher website. Finally, clothes for someone my age that don't look too old or too young. Yay! Enjoy your trip!

    1. Eileen Fisher is a great, though it can do some damage to the wallet... The snacks are more for my husband, because he is a smoker and I think he'll need something to chew during the flight but something tells me I'll be sneaking a few M&Ms.