Monday, February 20, 2012

Moments of Bliss, Italian Edition

Our time in Milan wrapped up, we're now in Florence so I can research medieval and Rennaissance life in Italy (not to give anything away for book three). Just like in Milan, there are bookstores every two blocks and I make my husband stop in each one we come across to see if we can find the book. I figure out quicklythat I shouldn't expect it; this is Florence, after all, and the books are mostly about art, with small selections of wildly popular books (think "The Kite Runner") and lots of  vampire novels, for some reason.

So when we run into Edison a huge bookstore on the Plaza of the Republic, I completely miss the giant poster of my book perched right by the door. My husband points it out to me. We found copies with the rest of the novels. In every store it's been piled next to Lauren Kate's just released collection of short stories, "Fallen in Love", because we follow each other alphabetically. A good sign, given her spectacular popularity, I think.

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