Friday, February 17, 2012

IMMORTAL launch in Milan

Television host Marta Perego interviewing me for Class and Iris programs 
I had intended to blog every day while in Milan for the launch of Immortal (as The Taker is called here) but here it is, the end of the three days and I’m writing my first post, so you see how that went. It has been an absolute whirlwind, just as you imagine it will be.

First of all, I never thought this would happen to me and certainly not for my debut novel. When Longanesi, the publisher in Italy, asked if I would like to come to Milan for the launch, I said yes (of course!) but thought that it would certainly be light duty. After all, I’m completely unknown. Who would want to talk to me?

I vastly underestimated Longanesi’s ability in this regard. (Thanks to Valentina Fortichiari, a dynamo and one of the most gracious women you’d ever meet.)

It was just like a press junket for a movie: you’re put up at a lovely hotel and have interview after interview interrupted by the occasional photo shoot. In the span of 48 hours, there were 19 scheduled interviews, newspapers and magazines, television and radio, websites and book bloggers. We camped out in the lobby—me, Paolo Scopacasa (the interpreter), and Tommaso Gobbi, from Longanesi’s publicity department, who ran everything onsite for three days. The most charm handler you could hope for, a crazy mad multitasker who worked like mad every minute.   

Among the journalists I got to meet:

Matteo Sacchi of Il Gironale, one of the Italian daily papers
And if you read Italian, here is the review
Antonella Fiori, who writes for Metro, a daily newspaper
More Italian adventures upcoming.


  1. Wow, Alma! You are going to need a vacation when you return! ;) Congratulations and enjoy!

  2. Love the update!!!! Sounds like you have taken La Bella Italia by storm - just remember we love you back here, so don't forget to come home! Diane B