Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Vampire Diaries: Klaus vs. Adair

A reader told me recently that she thought Klaus, the villain in the hit TV show THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, was a lot like Adair, the villain in The Taker. She sent me a link to an interview with the actor, Joseph Morgan, and after watching it and hearing him talk about his character, I have to admit to seeing similarities between the two.

I don't watch--and haven't read--The Vampire Diaries. I haven't seen it because I don't watch much TV. It sounds like lots of fun and, from skimming photos and such, seems to have a lot in common with my book and other books in this genre: the clash of wills between oversized personalities, very attractive people having sex, flashbacks to other periods in time, immortal love: you know, the things that make having an active imagination fun. I'm sure any similarities are pure coincidence; as you'll hear in the video, if you care to watch it, a good villain is not all-evil-all-the-time, so all good villains whether it's Klaus or Adair will share that dimensionality. Whether the similarities go deeper than that, I guess I'll have to watch a few episodes to know. For the record, I'll say that I started writing The Taker in 2000 and have never read TVD books. Adair has started garnering his own fans, and more than one reviewer has said he might be the Best. Villain. Ever. (I'm so proud.) So please, consider challenging your TVD-loving friends to read The Taker, and let me know what they think.

In other news: getting ready to head to Milan in February for the launch of the Italian version of The Taker. Very excited. Longanesi, the publisher, has put out a version of the UK book trailer with Italian subtitles, and you can see it here. Bella!


  1. Oooh good luck on your trip to Milan...sounds like a lot of fun!

    I haven't read or watched the tv show either, but I feel like all villains must have something in common. But its their differences that make certain villains (ahem, like Adair) stand out.

    Bravo for creating the best villain ever! :)

  2. I love your review--and that comment! Best. Comment. Ever. Gonna use it shamelessly!

  3. I believe there must be reason behind the madness. One cannot be villain without a background as to why he became that way. That's my opinion on both of them. I'm definitely excited to read the next two installments of the series!

  4. I'd agree that Adair might be the Best. Villain. Ever. Kudos to you, Alma, for creating him! He creeps me out a little, :) yet fascinates me too. I can't wait to read more about him and Lanny!

    Enjoy your trip to Milan!