Thursday, November 17, 2011

NaNoWriMo #18: How Does She Do It?

How do you do it? Isn’t that the question we’re most often asked, as writers? The one we most often ask each other when we get together? What’s your process? How do you capture lightning in a bottle? Did what worked for you for the first novel work the second time around? How do you keep track of all your subplots—software, index cards, post-it notes, scribbles on paper napkins? Personally, I’m especially intrigued by organized writers, the ones who come up with methodical approaches to the messiness that is writing.

Today’s tip is from Miranda Parker.  I met Miranda—or Dee as she’s known—at the Decatur Book Festival, where she was volunteering as a stage manager. She writes the Angel Crawford Bounty Hunter series for Kensington Books, and is a member of International Thriller Writers (ITW) Debut Class of 2012. Just as she rolled up her sleeves to help out at Decatur, she volunteered to run The Thrill Begins blog for ITW—she’s that kind of person, always ready to pitch in when it’s something she believes in, and hence, someone who knows how to manage her time. You can follow her on Facebook here.

“As you get deeper into the month you may find your story is floundering or you have no clue what to write today. I use a weekly plot schedule. The plot schedule is broken down into 4 acts for the 4 weeks. Week 1 my objective is to get the intro done and to get my main character to the inciting incident. Week Two I'm focused on getting my character to the quest and then to a surprise she discovers about herself once she gets what she think she wants. The other weeks fall into my major plot points with the last week, of course focusing on the climax and the conclusion. Having this objective to meet by every Sunday gives me a point of reference. If I have a day that's too busy to get a great deal of words in, I still know where I need to be at the end of that week.” 

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