Wednesday, November 16, 2011

NaNoWriMo #16: Practice Kindness

Today’s tip is from Rebecca Coleman, author of the recently released, highly regarded The Kingdom of Childhood. Rebeeca, a daring and talented writer, is one of the friendliest people I know. What she has to say today is very important, and if you don’t have this particular knack, you might want to start working on it now. It extends to everyone you meet on your publishing journey, from your professional partners (editor, agent, everyone at your publisher’s house) to each and every reader, because each of these people has taken time from their lives to do something for you. And in this day, that's an increasingly rare thing. You can follow Rebecca’s blog here, or follow her on Facebook here and Twitter here.

"Be friendly. Be kind. How is that a writing tip? Because when you're *this close* to getting a publishing contract, the agent and then the editor want to talk to you on the phone. Your people skills are part of what helps them decide if they want to represent you or work with you-- because believe me, they have a very large pool from which to choose. If an author shows she is easy to work with, she's a safer bet for the publisher, who will often put more money behind her book because they know she won't let her ego compromise her relationship with her editor. And once you have that contract in your hands, you're going to need cover blurbs from published authors, and people to promote your book on their blogs and mention it in their guest posts or interviews. If you've been kind to people along the way, this will happen easily and naturally. So when you come across idiotic posts in writing forums, learn to roll your eyes rather than fire off a snarky reply. You're going to need that skill, anyway, once your book is published and you enter the wonderful world of getting reviewed."

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