Thursday, November 10, 2011

NaNoWriMo #10: Getting to Know Your Characters

 Today’s tip comes from international bestselling novelist MJ Rose. She’s the author of 13 books—most recently the Hypnotist and The Book of Lost Fragrances, forthcoming—where the suspense comes from exploration of the individual’s personal unknown. Her novels ask the question, what lies beyond the edge of our own consciousness? Her books are full of wonder and mystery and beauty in all its forms. Her novel, The Reincarnationist, was the basis for a television series on CBS, Past Life.

In addition to her writing, MJ Rose uses her extensive background in advertising to help fellow writers, through her blog Buzz, Balls and Hype and her service AuthorBuzz, which gets books a little time in thousands and thousands of the right blogs, newsletters and websites. She is generous with her time and expertise in both the book and advertising worlds, and dear reader, if you hope to get into the book business, you really must follow MJ. And you can do that on Twitter here and on Facebook here.

“If you get stuck don't just vomit out more of the book. It is okay to stop. Most writers blocks issues come from not knowing your character well enough - so stop and take a walk and interview your main character. Or take her shopping. Or to a musuem. Talk to her and ask her what her issues are - what she's scared of - what she wants - why she's being elusive? Listen hard to the answers  - so many times for me the character's revelations allow me to keep writing. And oh - have fun!!!” 

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