Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Great Night in Denver

Denver was a great experience all around, and I will try to capture some of it here, but I'm afraid my brain is not up to the task of adequately describing the surrealness of one's first book tour.

First, I got to spend time with an old friend, Sarbina, someone who also grew up in the small town that was the inspiration for so much of The Taker. Sarbina was my older sister’s best friend and a big influence on what I read and what television shows I watched as a child. She was kind enough to hang out with me before and after the event, and we got the opportunity to catch up. 
I got to meet with my first book club in Denver, too, as Jen, Tesa and Rene were game to come to the event and get together afterwards.  It is completely surreal to sit down and talk to people who have read your book. It’s like you all share the same imaginary friends. And they were so smart and sweet—and voracious readers. They meet every three weeks because they just devour books. They were a great resource for future reads! (This is Tesa in the photo. We've decided that 'Tesa' will be the name of a villainess in a future book.)

I was surprised and honored that Eleanor Brown, author of The Weird Sisters, came to the reading. Yes, HONORED. Not only is Eleanor a very talented writer with an excellent debut to her credit, oh my god she is wonderful to be around.
My heartfelt thanks to the Tattered Cover for hosting the event. They are known for their generosity to authors, and I am grateful to be a recipient of that generosity. Denver is lucky to have such a dedicated supporter of book culture. (This is Tamara, who ran the event. It was a great pleasure meeting her.)
Running through Denver International Airport, I got to have a quintessential author moment: the first time I saw my book in an airport bookstore! I’m happy to report there are now signed copies at the Hudson Booksellers in the West Terminal at DIA.

I'm catching my breath before the event tonight in LA/Redondo Beach at Mysterious Galaxy. Full report tomorrow.

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