Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dream Night in Los Angeles

How many times in your lifetime will you get to present at a brand new bookstore? Mysterious Galaxy's new Redondo Beach store is just out of the box, new store smell and all. They were installing the big, lighted sign to the top of the building when I arrived that afternoon. I wish I'd taken some pictures, but if you 'like' them on FB, you can look through the photo album and see it being built from the ground up. It's beautiful, modern and sleek. I told them I'd happily live there & I wasn't kidding. The reading room in the back is like a cathedral. No detail is overlooked.
Needless to say, I had a GREAT time. The staff there--Emilio in the picture at the top, Nicole, Lauren, Conor--know how to make you feel welcome, relaxed and special. We had a good group of friends, customers and a woman who had read the book and drove out from Orange County, bringing a friend with her! I love people like that. Doing these gigs makes you grateful for your supportive friends, willing to draft their friends, put up with traffic and bad weather, hang out at a restaurant later and help you unwind.
Conor mugging with The Taker. 


  1. Thanks for sharing about your book tour and what you've been up to. Enjoyed the pictures. :)