Friday, August 5, 2011

You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby

There it is: the actual bound copies of The Taker. My publisher sent two early copies so I can bring them with me to the Squaw Valley Conference of Writers next week (one is my agent's copy.) I imagine that holding your book in your hands for the first time is something like holding your newborn. Even though I'm holding it, I can't quite believe it's really here. The copies are sitting on the far end of the table as I type. I keep stealing glances at them. At least I've stopped picking one up every five minutes. They're a blue-green color that I'm partial to, with gold swirls. The title is embossed. The endpapers were originally going to be maps, but they didn't turn out as hoped, so the publisher substituted textured gold papers. The entire package makes the book seem magical and mysterious and slightly dangerous, which is fitting for the story.

The box of author's copies will probably follow in a week or so, which means the book may appear in bookstores around the same time. There's no embargo on it, and these days bookstores seem to stock books as soon as they arrive. I've seen friends' books on shelves three weeks before the official pub date. Ebooks and audiobook downloads generally aren't available until the official pub date, I believe. And my experience with big retailers is that if you ordered online, they don't ship until the official pub date. My apologies to those of you who were kind enough to pre-order but chances are your copies won't arrive until after the 6th.

As mentioned, I'll be at Lake Tahoe early next week for the Squaw Valley writers conference. I was a student there in 2003, and so I've been invited to participate in the alumni reading series. My agent will be there as a faculty member, as is one of his other authors, and I'll get to join up with some authors I've met online who are also alums. If you're a writer looking for a great conference experience, you should apply next year to Squaw Valley. It's a rigorous conference: workshops all day, talks and readings and presentations in the evening. Fun too,  and the amazing scenery. I'll post pictures here and on Twitter.


  1. Im starting to like this cover. I like the gold. I still prefer the UK cover. :) my fave read of 2011 don't think any book will top it.

  2. I am trying to get my book club to read it!

  3. D2, I will be happy to Skype/conference call if you'd like. Going set up something for book clubs. Thank you for spreading the word! Hey, are you near Redondo Beach? I'm going to be at Mysterious Galaxy on 4 Oct.