Saturday, July 2, 2011

On the Road: The TAKER tour kicks off

We're about two months out from the US release day for The TAKER. (Gallery has made a wonderful countdown widget in case the date slips my mind. Have you seen it? It's on the website homepage.)

The number one question I get asked by friends and family is whether I'm going on a book tour. The answer is yes and no; yes, I'm getting to go places to support the book release but no, I'm not doing a tour as they're envisioning it. The words "book tour" conjure up images of bookstores packed with people desperate to get the author to sign their book and maybe read for 5 or 10 minutes from their latest book. The sad reality is that few people go to readings at bookstores anymore, except for famous authors, and so bookstores are reluctant to book debut authors. It helps feed that catch-22: the stores won't book you unless you have a following already but how do you get a following if people don't get the chance to hear about you? (Also, reading aloud is highly discouraged. Turns out no one over the age of seven likes to be read to.)

Because I'm very lucky and my publisher has a lot of faith in The TAKER, they're sending me to some big book events this fall. (I'll be doing a few book store signings right around the release day; more on that in a future post.) Two very exciting events are coming up this month:

---8-9 July I'll be at THRILLERFEST in New York City, the annual convention of writers of thrillers and mysteries. My favorite thing about Thrillerfest is that a lot of big-name authors attend, and they're always generous in sharing their advice. Every year, they feature a group of first-time authors and I'm a member of this year's debut class.

---21-24 July I'll be at COMIC-CON in San Diego. I cannot tell you how jazzed I am about this. I'm on a panel on the 23rd with an amazing line-up of speakers: David Goyer (director/writer/producer of a few little films like THE DARK KNIGHT and the BLADE series), Michael Cassut (TV writer/producer), Rachel Caine (THE MORGANVILLE VAMPIRES series), Heather Brewer (VLAD TODD), Jason Starr (THE PACK), Michael Carroll (SUPERHUMAN) and Drew McGary (THE POSTMORTAL). These are people who know how to tell a STORY. This is about as far from Washington DC wonk-ville as you can get. I don't suppose I have to do a power point presentation for this one. I just hope I think of something to say.

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  1. If you were coming closer to Texas I would come out and see you!!

    Oh, and I like when authors read from their work. They just need to keep it short, very short.