Sunday, July 10, 2011

Linda Ronstadt talks about The TAKER

Kidding, kidding... When I was in my twenties, I bore a crazy resemblance to singer Linda Ronstadt. Some people said Valerie Bertinelli. I should be so lucky. Anyway, there was something about this shot that reminded me of that factoid from my past.

Here's the video I mentioned a few posts back, the one filmed at Colonial Williamsburg. It gives a few more insights into what influenced me to write the novel, also some lovely atmospheric shots that will take you two hundred years back in time.


  1. Saw this earlier, and my jaw is still dropping from the fact that there'll be two sequels. I like that I read the ARC without knowing that, and I almost wish I still didn't--cuz now I know what I'm waiting for! ;) Love the vid!

  2. That's a great trailer! You're so poised!

  3. Hey guys, thanks for the comments.