Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Shooting a Video for The TAKER, circa 1747

I've mentioned more than once that I have the most generous publisher in the world, yes? Among the many wonderful promotional opportunities they are heaping on my little book is a book trailer. As we were kicking around ideas, I said wouldn't it be nice to take advantage of some historical Colonial site for flavor, like someplace in Massachusetts or, I dunno, maybe Colonial Williamsburg.

And they said YES.

So this past Monday, I found myself down at Colonial Williamsburg scouting out locations that might be included in the video. Gallery Books hires a company that makes videos and there was quite a bit of prep work, including questionnaires and a conference call, and finding additional still artwork. But then on Monday, I went all over the historic village, taking pictures and trying on tricorner hats and talking to the characters (as the actors are called), and trying hard not to touch everything or rent a costume to flounce around the village because, really, that's only charming on children.

I kept hoping a young man would dash through town on a black horse but it was too hot to pretend it was St. Andrew, Maine (hometown of Lanny and Jonathan, two of the main characters).

Tuesday we filmed the talking portion, which is me, sitting in a chair next to a fire engine RED wall where the fireplace is located. We filmed in a historic house, the Isham Goddin Shop, which you can rent for lodging. I forgot to take pictures of the cottage (can you believe it?) but here is a photo of Jason, the videographer against aforementioned wall:
I'll let you know when the video is out but in the meantime, here are a few more photos of Colonial Williamsburg. Lovely, even if there is no Jonathan living there.

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