Wednesday, May 25, 2011

BEA -- Day Two

Day Two was not completely off the hook as Day One. It started with a leisurely morning on the expo floor. I arrived at the Simon & Schuster booth as they were unveiling the cover for Cassie Clare's next book. The line was about 1,000 people long waiting to get a tee-shirt. Across the aisle was this giant mock-up of the book and this very friendly model with an Australian accent offering to pose for pictures with folks before the cover. No one was taking him up on his offer. Have they lost their minds? How often do you get the chance to stand next to a handsome young man in period steampunk garb? It was awesome. Also, try to imagine that pretend book standing in your living room, greeting all your guests when they come through the door. That's what I'd do if I were Cassie Clare.

I met my editor, Trish, at a restaurant to go over her notes for revision of the second book, The RECKONING. I would like to dispel the myth that all writers are prickly about doing revisions. I look forward to getting guidance from my editor and agent. Without a doubt it makes the books stronger. Look, a novel is a damned hard thing to write. It's like trying to steer a huge ship through a very narrow passage with innumerable sharp rocks lurking along the ocean floor. You need people standing at the bow and the sides, letting you know when you're veering off course. You'd be an idiot not to take the advice of people who have much more experience navigating these waters.

A short break in my day while I made appointments for the last day of BEA and selected the restaurant where I will have lunch tomorrow with the awesome publicist at Gallery, Mary (note to self: write future blog about the incredible restaurants. Geez louise, I live in DC and you'd think we have some nice restaurants there but the past two days have been mind-blowing in the food department.) Then I was briefly at the Workman Publishing BEA party which was like a scene of a literary party in a movie, only with about twice the number of people and more catering. (Way to go, Workman!)

Then dinner with my literary agent, Peter Steinberg, who as you may have already heard is the best agent in the world. Since every meeting in the book world is, by law, done over food and/or drinks, we went to dinner to talk about -- well, everything from Game of Thrones to Tim Gunn to writing projects. This was done over plates and plates of the most fantastical, delicately flavored Korean food I have ever eaten. Really. We'd take a bite of one dish and go, "this is amazing" and then take a bite from a second dish and say, "oh my god, this is even more amazing" and so on.

So a pretty crazy wonderfully delicious and slightly surreal day, and that's leaving out the part where I met Colin Meloy, singer for The Decemberists, and his wife artist Carson Ellis, and author Lauren Oliver. Or author Naomi Benaron. Can't wait for tomorrow.

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  1. I can't believe that I missed that gorgeous model with an Australian accent! Not sure how that happened, as I was there. *pouts*

    Am really enjoying catching up with your BEA adventures! How cool that you met so many other authors!