Saturday, May 28, 2011

BEA, Day Three

This is how I started Day Three: meeting book bloggers Jenn of Jenn's Bookshelf and Nicole of Linus's Blanket for breakfast. Don't they look tired? I was tired, too. BEA does that to you. You're exhausted and your feet hurt, but you don't stop. Jenn lives near me and we see each other and tweet all the time. She runs events at Arlington, VA indie bookstore One More Page (and by now you probably realize that I live there part-time, eating their chocolate and drinking their wine). Nicole lives in NYC and has a blog I adore because it's so smart and her selections are so good. We met at Book Blogger Con (more on that in a minute) last year when she spoke on a panel about supporting good causes through blogging.

We then piled into a cab and headed to Javits where they went off to be industrious and I stood in the Simon & Schuster booth gabbing with all the wonderful Gallery and S&S people.

My next stop was to meet Janet Cadsawan, jewelry designer. I can't go into too much detail here because it's still a surprise but Janet and I have been in touch for a few weeks and this was an opportunity to meet in person. I will talk about her jewelry in a future post, but let me say here it was a total blast meeting Janet! She has led quite an interesting life, is currently living an interesting life and no doubt will be interesting in new surprising ways in the future. If she doesn't write a book about it, I will. There are already plans to have a dashing Lady Cadsawan character in a future novel.

Next I met with MJ Rose, bestselling author of The Reincarnationist series. MJ kindly blurbed my book and I wanted to thank her in person. Not only is MJ a lauded author but she is also a marketing whiz and publishing industry insider, and let me tell you how generous she is, she gave me, a newbie, tons of advice. And she is pretty glamorous so you feel like you're getting the NYC experience just being around her.

By now, I've been away from the office for three days and am just starting to relax enough to ENJOY what's going on. I walked back from drinks with MJ thinking this is completely different from work and it is pretty good. I could get used to this. I could see myself doing this, the writer thing.

Last stop of the day: my friend and thriller writer Karen Dionne is running a writer's conference in association with her online writers community Backspace. There are lots of published authors who are Backspace members, including some fellow debut authors I've met online but haven't met in person, so I said I'd stop by the bar after the conference concluded for the day. Only I get the schedule mixed up and end up too early, so I sit in on the evening session on the realities of selling in today's publishing market run by my friend Jeff Kleinman, a well-known and well-respected literary agent and really good guy. Again, one of these people who is so generous with his time and expertise. In addition to the folks in the session, I got to meet more Backspace folks afterwards in the bar including Sara J Henry, who I'll be reading with at Squaw Valley Community of Writers this summer.

It was very late by the time I got back to the hotel, needing to be at Book Blogger Con at the Javits Center early in the morning. I'll talk about Book Blogger Con -- one of my favorite conferences of any kind -- in my next post.


  1. Thanks for giving us a glimpse of what BEA is like from an author's perspective! Looking forward to hearing about the BBC, as I wasn't able to make it.

  2. Argh! Oh the yearning - it looks fantastic. Am also very happy your whole experience rocked! Also, thank you, yet again for my swag. I cannot wait to wear my tattoo this coming weekend whilst walking around London.