Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Nearly A Week

The TAKER went on sale in the UK and India a week ago.  (Rest of the Commonwealth releases: Australia 1 July; New Zealand 3 June; South Africa 1 May.)

My overly romantic writer's heart says that, for me, my life should never be the same, but in truth I'm still trying to make it seem real. I have held copies in my hands and my editor sent this wonderful photo from Waterstone's:
There are other indications that the book is, indeed, being bought and sold and read in the UK. Several wonderful book bloggers have written reviews and interviews, such as the BookbagDaisy Chain Books, I Want to Read That, Falcata Times, Clover Hill Book Reviews, One More Page book reviews, Fiction Fool, From the Shadows and more. Cosmo UK made it a book of the week and gave it a review that's near and dear to my heart:

"It would be lazy to compare this half supernatural / half romance novel to Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight, but (OK, I admit it – I’m lazy) at least it gives you an idea of what you might let yourself in for. Actually, Alma Katsu’s debut novel is much more grown up than the angsty vamp driven naval gazing of Edward and Bella, as we follow the story of Laney, a woman who would do anything for love – even turning to evil in order to capture her beloved Jonathan’s heart forever. But after 200 years of immortality, Laney has /finally/ grown up and now must atone for her sins to save herself and old Johnny boy. More than a wee bit dark and super sexy, this will impress all Twi-hards who like their heroes to have graduated high school" --- Debbie McQuoi

I've been watching it rise and fall in various rankings like a mother watching the thermometer of a sick child. In the next blog post I'll round up how the week has gone by the numbers.

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