Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day Before Pub Day

Tomorrow The TAKER goes on sale in the UK, and in English in other countries around the world (except for North America. Rights: they're complicated.) I thought you might be interested in knowing what it's like in the days leading up to publication. The answer is: busy. Even when your book is being published thousands of miles away.

The TAKER has gotten many fabulous reviews in the press (Marie Claire UK!) and from book bloggers Daisy Chain Books, Falcata Times, I Want to Read That; from readers on Goodreads, booksellers and librarians. We're also hearing from authors who have generously offered to provide a blurb for the book, including two (more) NYT bestselling authors. Jamie Ford, whose "Hotel at the Corner of Bitter and Sweet" is a fixture on bestseller lists, had incredibly good words for The TAKER, and if you haven't seen them yet, they're on the homepage of my website.

I apologize if the news seems all me, me, me. The press to make a book sell well right off the bat is considerable. My efforts are small compared to the hard work being done by my publisher, Century Books/Random House UK, my agent Peter Steinberg, and Nicki, Sam and Katherine, the rights agents at ILA and Gray Tan, who is the rights agent for China. Gearing up for September and the US is the crew at Gallery Books/Simon & Schuster. These are the people who are really responsible for any success The TAKER may enjoy.

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