Tuesday, April 26, 2011

By the Numbers; Book Expo America; I See People Who Love Dead People

When last we spoke, I said I would report on how the numbers were looking in the UK. The truth is, I don't know and I'm not sure when I'll get any figures from the publisher. Nor do I know if the system for counting book sales is very different from systems in the US which -- like many things, when you take a hard look at them -- is much more complicated than you might guess. This much I can say:

---Amazon UK reported they were almost out of stock of the trade paperback (order now!) by the end of the first day. That was pretty darned amazing. They have managed to remain in stock ever since (hmm).

---Several people have reported that the Book Depository UK is (still) out of stock. It is also informing me that there are only 133 days until the US hardcover is available! And apparently, the second book in the series is supposed to come out in the UK on 5 January 2012. How do they know these things? I didn't even know the second book was due so early.

---In other Amazon UK news, the physical book has fluctuated between #25,000-ish to 8,000-ish and the Kindle edition from 10,000-ish to 2,000-ish, which sounds terrible until you realize that that's out of about a million physical books and a half-million ebooks, and suddenly I don't feel so badly. But I would like those numbers to improve and if anyone has any ideas how to do this, feel free to email me.

---The book trailer is up to 89,000 views. To those of you who like to check out all the videos that go viral, this total probably sounds pitiful. Let me tell you, if you've never tried to get people to look at something you've posted on the internet, this is damned near impossible. Without a cat flushing toilet or brother spitting in little brother's mouth, IMPOSSIBLE I tell you. All the thanks go to Century Books.

In other news, it was announced in Publishers Weekly, a trade industry publication, that The TAKER is a "Big Book" for Book Expo America, the annual trade show for the US publishing industry. Yes, this is a big deal for those of you who are not familiar with the book biz (like I am), but mostly I hope this means someone will wander over for a copy of my ARC during my signing, which is scheduled for 11:00 on 24 May. I am afraid of sitting there pitifully alone with my pile of ARCs and bookmarks.

Popular paranormal site Bitten by Books has been hosting me the past couple days. Look here if you want to see the questions posed to be by wonderful readers and my attempts to be amusing in answering them.

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